Alerts, reminders and broadcasts

Push Notifications for ServiceNow

web browser notifications

On-screen messaging in ServiceNow

Deliver messages to logged in users instantly in a web browser window,
send alerts and reminders across the entire ServiceNow ecosystem.

powered by buzzPost

Processes and Applications
IT Service Management
IT Operations
Security Operations
IT Business Management
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Direct Messaging
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6 months FREE

with no contracts or commitments required

We are committed to the best User Experience and want you to explore buzzPost for 6 months totally FREE and unlimited.

Just install the application from ServiceNow Store and contact us to activate a subscription service. You don't need anything else, no contracts or commitments required.

Deliver Great Experience & Innovations

on-screen messaging

Modern, Effortless and Effective

applications and processes

On-screen messaging works with any ServiceNow applications and processes, whether it is an out-of-the-box or your custom app.

visual styles, customization

Colors, animations, layouts and other customization options make it possible to create hundreds of different visual styles for notifications.



Installation, setup and configuration of buzzPost platform takes minutes.

Fully functional platform can be ready for production usе within one day. No specific pre-requisites.

Quick setup and configuration


Extremly simple

You can do it on your own. Only very basic ServiceNow administration skills required to set up notification triggers.


Detailed manual and examples provided.

Works with any ServiceNow process or application


No limits

20+ styling parameters, including layouts, appearance, icons, colors etc. You define notification templates and then use them as needed.

Endless possibilities.

Multipurpose, unlimited templates


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